all kinds of memories
These are pictures of Alice and her family. More will be continually added.
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Alice’s Datsun
Alice on her chair
Easter Morning
Some of Alice’s Great-Grand Children
Stained-Glass Window Dedication
Stained-Glass Window Dedication
Stained-Glass Window Dedication
Crespin Family Reunion 1994
Crespin Family Reunion 1994
A Shower
Alice Blessing Jeanette and Ronnie
Wynkoop House
Alice’s Grandfather Melquiades Crespin
Mariquita and Francisco Crespin’s 60th Wedding Anniversary Invitation
Our Lady of Sorrow Church Where Mr. & Mrs. Crespin Were Wed LV, NM
Interior of Our Lady of Sorrow, Las Vegas, NM
Estella’s Cafe - Las Vegas, New Mexico 1995
Estella’s Cafe - Las Vegas, New Mexico 1995
Main Road Leading Into Las Vegas, NM Where Alice was Born (photo 1995)
Alice and Robert
Robert’s Mother and Sisters
Robert’s Mother and Sisters
Lois Jean 1948
Twins - Notice how small the tree is?
Twins Dancing
Alice Helping at a School Function
Filomena Helping at a School Function
Twins Birthday Party
Twins Birthday Party
Alice Camping
Alice Camping
Alice Camping
Alice Camping
Fresquez Camping
Alice and her
Brother George
Alice and All of Her Brothers
Family Celebration
George and Carmen
George and Carmen’s Family
Alice and Roberta
Alice and the Twins
Frankie, Della and her Sister
Alice Speaking at Easter
Pauline Speaking at Easter
Debra Speaking at Easter
Filomena Speaking at Easter
Lawrence Speaking at Easter
Bobby Speaking at Easter
Adrian, Joshua and Dawnita
One of Many Easter Breakfasts
Radonna Speaking at Easter
Raymond Speaking at Easter
Alexis, Deanna and Janell
Prescilla Speaking at Easter
Michael Speaking at Easter
Christmas at Alice's House Chavez Family
Thanksgiving at Chavez Home
Alice and Art 2000
Alice, Keith and Domique
Alice and Adrian
Alice and Daughters
Alice Approx 1985
Dominique's Baptism
Alice and Dawnita 1999
Alice and Filomena 2000
Alice and Siblings 1995 George, Julia, Art, Frank, and Danny
Alice, Art, Deborah Dawnita and Adrian
Alice, Big Papa, Art and Roberta
Alice, Deborah Filomena and Dawnita
Alice and Dawnita
Alice Laughing
Alice and Raymond
Alice and Daughers
Alice and Dawnita 1985
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